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Nick wrote....
Whilst I'm here, I am awaiting delivery of repair manuals but in the meantime, can anyone with experience of the 1HZ or even better HZJ75 s tell me if there is a separate gearbox fill and level check - I can only find one hole, am losing ep90 between the gbox and rear propshaft, and want to be safe rather than sorry! All help much appreciated.
Nick, not sure about your model as far as this goes. But all Toy level and
drain plugs are 24mmm and you can easily spot them. They are always just
below the centreline of the lowest output shaft of a box/diff/transfer. If
you are getting a bit of a leak just before your first rear propshaft UJ on
the transfer, then take a look at the bolts holding both sides of the box
casing together. On my 80 they come a tad loose and there is a slight oil
weep that only needs topping-up every month or so + a tweak of the bolts of
course. And I guess you are in similar rough stuff to me, best keep an eye
on it but its no problem.
So its a cart springer after all then ! Just enjoy those long trips on
tarmac with seasick pills !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia


jon wrote
One long trip back from london and a bit swimmy - tracking done and one tyre
replacement later - better handling but have found the axle and spring
bushes are knackered on the front, so more improvements to come!
thanks for the tip jon.
does anyone have any gearbox oil suggestions - 'cos my gearbox is worth it?
or is ep90 ep90 is ep90?
New Forest UK
'90 - AUS, imported '96, HZJ75 Pick Up - 4.2 dsl - manual - retro fitted