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New style MoT test and certificate.



This is something that Julian and I discussed at the weekend (standing
beside my Mitsi Pajero, but Julian politely averted his eyes from it ;o).
Perhaps some of you have already been awarded a new MoT certificate
without any problems, but this is my experience for what its worth.
I got the Pajero MoT'd early Saturday morning. I was the first booked
appointment and when I arrived I was told that I was the first they would
be testing on the new computerised DVLA (VOSA) system.
It meant nothing to me until about 10 minutes afterwards when the gents
were stuck entering my car details on the computer. Of course the system
appeared only to recognise models supplied in UK so was not familiar with a
model supplied as a Japanese grey import. (Pajero's are supplied in Europe
I got the impression that this was a database supplied as part of the new
MoT system. Naturally once I assured them that it was a Shogun when in its
underpants, the system complied and they could then apparently get on with
the test - they needed to know the engine capacity as well though, so the
internal data can't be that comprehensive. But they told me that they had
dire warnings of the consequences of incorrect data being input by the
tester, as it was not possible to change any errors. Once received, the
VOSA people compare the data with the registration details, and if they do
not match they immediately dispatch a letter to the vehicle owner telling
him that he has illegally not declared a material alteration to the
vehicle. (I was told that another local garage had done this when they
mistyped the colour).
As you would all expect, the car passed the test without question ;o) - but
I was then confronted with a new style certificate that is printed by the
same system. And guess which model is printed on the certificate? Yes, you
guessed it, I now have a Shogun, something that will not match with my
registration certificate or insurance certificate that correctly show its a
Pajero. So I wonder if I will get the promised letter from VOSA ?
I have asked my mates in the Pajero club and they have had similar
problems. Interestingly enough the greatest problem was had by one member
with a motorbike which had a new fairing fitted that had different coloured
trim parts supplied as standard by the manufacturer. But also one other
tells me that the section for the model name on his certificate did not
have any name inserted. As a group they are all a little worried about it,
as whatever system is used there appears to be a blank in the memory on
imported models.
This would also apply to Toyota Surfs which were formally supplied in
'wagon' form as the 4 Runner to UK, and the LandCruiser Prado which was
supplied here as the Colorado.
I offer no solution to the problem - if there should be one eventually -
but just thought I should warn everybody. Julian says he has a car to put
through the new test in the next few days and will monitor what happens.
But if anyone else is doing the same with one of the imported model names,
then it will be worth just asking more questions of the tester about the
need for model data. In the small print it says that it can be completed in
longhand and then a printed copy requested from VOSA. That may be the
opportunity to ask for the model name to be changed, I don't know.
I am waiting to hear from big brother.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia - which still carries my Vanuatu plate
not requiring an MoT :o)) But that is another challenge I may have to face.
Hey Jon
Me again, has the MOT changed or got stricter in the last while.
I remember all you had to do was get a mechanic (Friend to sigh a form and
that was that, or am I for the fairies. Here The NCT test is a real bitch
and takes about a half hour.
When your vehicle is being tested you can watch through a big window at the
test proceedures if you like. I do this all the time and say next time I
Because when you are looking at their reactions to what they see and calling
over another guy to have a look and all I can think off is shit what have
they found.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT ireland
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