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New to me 80 and a run out.


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Nov 19, 2010
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Last weekend I bought this, I have been after a 24V 80 auto for a couple of years at the right money/mileage/condition combination and although there have been 3 or 4 for sale I have discounted them for any one or more of the reasons above. This one came up on Ebay and I went for a test drive and thought it was ok but couldn't broker a deal (nick) there and then.


It came with
factory fitted winch

a set of new tyres

An unworn interior

A sweet 24V engine without EGR and pre heater, perfect oil pressure and no breathing.

Generally well looked after with one owner since 2004 with no documentation to prove anything ever had been done it looked in good condition all round and underneath well better than average. No clonks bangs or rattles and a really good tight ride. I was happy with my purchase.

Moving on to this weekend:-

This week I won something I had been after for years, this:-

A factory load liner. I got one with my 1st cruiser in 97, lined with rubber belting it has been very useful in keeping the load area of several 80's in good condition but is now split and battered (but serviceable). For £25 and in perfect condition Bought new in 2000 and in the guy's garage since 2003 it had to be had but it was 130 miles away in South Shields so a Fair trek.
Weather looked a bit questionable so I fitted these:-



255/85/16 KM2's just in case

And, while reading a thread on here about a 24V purchaser I saw this:-

which I thought, "that looks smart, its a 24V auto and if it is as good as it looks there may well be a trade"

And this:-
Which I thought might be worth a look.

Anyway Friday night, snow in quantity but Sat morning melting so off Al and myself set off to collect the liner in South Shields, Duly collected we set off for Lancashire to view more 80's, this auto drives so well!!
two and as half hours later we get to Littleborough and start viewing 80's. The one I went to see looked very smart, freshly painted bumpers and dent free bodywork with a deep shine, smart interior with grey leather, so far so good.
That's where it stops being good, the underneath was crustier than a Desperate Dan pie, they obviously have a lot of salt around there and on close inspection a lot of remedial paintwork had been done, the roof at the top of the screen looked good but Al lifted the rubber and it was as rusty as a b**ger under there, to put it into perspective of what it was like the brake backplates were rotten with holes in them.
The best car there was the white one, ( based on 2 pair of experienced eyes, not having driven any of them). the underneath was tidy, little rust, but better than 80% of what I have seen, the engine started instantly and sounded fine. The top tailgate had had attention but looked fine for now.
If anyone is desperate for a 24V 80 they could do a lot worse than look at the white one, I would consider it if i was interested and looking for a 80 24V and it does look smart in white. One word of caution, if you want an 80 and don't know much about them take someone who does, it is 14-15 years old truck and someone else has had the best of it!!
If anyone is interested then contact me for further details

I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings


It took me more than an hour to type this bugger!!

You not getting any quicker yet Andrew?? Looks alright mate. Any plans for this one then?
Hey Andy, when are you starting the Cruiser rental agency. I need one for next week as mine if stuffed. Happy to test drive one to Scotland and back for you.

Arf Arf

Looks very nice,

Well done on the buying power.

Nice 24v you got there Andy, could you take a photo of the 255s on from the front and back? I would like to see if they look too skinny with wheel arches. Also what offset including rims and spacers if any are you running?

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Hi Rob, will have photos in a bit. Just how do you measure offset? from the front or the back? Yes there are spacers on. They are 32mm or 1 1/4 inches. I fitted these because they came with the wheels.

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32mm spacers on hilux rims:think:. Chris What offset are those hilux rims?

Andy no need to measure them I am sure someone on here will tell us what offset the wheels are. I am contemplating some 255s to replace my 285s on standard 80 series alloys which are 0 offset and I am worries that tyres will be well tucked into the wheels arches.
Not a clue. I had 255s on my white one and I liked them a lot. My STs were on standard yota 80 rims.
The hilux steels are almost too narrow to have any offset

Sorry, yes I had spacers on too. 30mm roughtrax ones

I know how to measure off set. I just didn't because it didn't matter to me. And, I don't have those wheels and tyres on the truck any more. Or the truck.

They looked like this

just measured a loose rim and it would seem that style of wheel is the 30mm version.

Thanks Andy, so that will be a total offset of 2mm (spacers are negative offset) so will be almost identical to running these tyres on standard 80 alloys.

Thanks for the pic Chris but I am after a pic from the front and/or rear of the truck to see if the tyres look too skinny, preferable at 0 offset.

(sorry about the thread hijack)
Yeah, appreciated that Rob, but couldn't find one last night. I think that pic's pretty representative though. I'll keep looking.

Ouch !

That is narrow.

To me , it doesn't look right.

Ahh, but Gra, it's not a fashion parade. You should see how well these tyres perform!

Thanks Chris and Andy, the KM2s seem wider that the STs. OK think that 255s is the sensible route to take especially as the KM2s don't look as bad as I thought they would with next to no offset, don't want to be running spacers. Hijack over, I promise...
I know, I know, different vehicle, but the same tyre :icon-biggrin: