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New to the forum, 201,000 still on the original denso alternator :)


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Jul 23, 2021
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Hi Guys, just thought i would say whatsupp ... am new to this forum but had my jade green landie for 21 years now .. still going strong ... toyota filters only!!

had a problem last few months great to get some advice before i guess at some expensive part lol --

just started coughing occasionally on idle and when cruising on motorway --- hoping its not long covid.

also shakes more violently on turn off

slight puff of white smoke on start as well but not every time 1 in 3 starts or so

no loss of power though at all .,..never!!

any ideas??

i been running on bp super diesel as thought originally dirty fuel --- but 10 tanks later still doing it also tried new toyota glow plugs and relay

always serviced using genuine filters every 8k ....etc

on original fuel pump, turbo and injectors

had new toyota fuel filter 5000 miles ago .. maybe i change it again?

any help would be appreciated