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Hi Guys
Ok I know im hogging a lot of your time but I am still hearing noises from
the front end.
It was noticable today when driving near something that would reflect the
noise back.
Apart from the other front noise near or at the front hub for which Toy cant
fine a problem im now getting a clang/ gingle metal off metal sound with a
bit of a hollow sound in there aswell when I start to move off.
Now in my expert opinion NOT I would think there is play somewhere between
the front drive shaft and what ever else makes it move.
This jangle is there sometimes at other times but its hard to tell with the
other noise kind of deluting or trying to camouflage it.
Would I be near to the truth on this or need another whiskey in between the
Eurovision songs.
Any ideas would be great.
I had a look under the cruiser but as usual I cant find anything amiss,
great help I am.
john 92HDj 80 1HDT


noises, long winded

Hi Guys
Ok Im not getting anywhere with the noises at the front end with the
I have had a look under her so many time now some day I might even remember
what the hell it looks like but then Im sure I wont.
Any way I am getting a jingle hollow metal sound when I take off and now
even when Im driving along.
It comes and goes but is constant enough to drive me mad thinking about it
when it is there.
It increases with power applied to the trottle when moving but over a
certain speed it is gone.
I have heard similer to the noise when I would park the cruiser on a slope
without the use of the handbrake and engage P on the auto box and then when
I would take it out of P it would make a sound like the hollow jingle I am
experiencing now.
Im lost but feel a sudden expensive problem is laughing at me to catch it
before it grounds the cruiser.
As I have said I have asked Toyota to look at it and they have found nothing
but did not strip down anything in the process.
She drives well apart from the vibrations and lack of power which will I
HOPE be sorted by the injecteor pump being looked after by a different shop.
Its just the sound is getting louder but I still dont know what it is or
what is causing it.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT