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Noob UZJ100


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Jun 27, 2021
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Hi All,

Im a long time Toyota fan who just bought his first UZJ100. I learnt to drive at 16 in a 2nd gen Hilux pickup launching Formula boats for a dealer. I then failed to talk dad out of classic Range Rovers for a couple of decades after that. I was a track day fanatic running Honda VTECs for most of that time, with personal need for a truck in the UK. Since moving to the Caribbean 12 yrs back though, I've had 3 different Hilux Surfs, and still own a KZN130, raptor coated and lifted on 33 MTs which is the daily workhorse beast.

A fantastic JDM 100 Series VX with Atrac just popped up locally for a great price though, so Im finally scratching the LC itch and ready loving it. It's aleady had a great build by its former owner.

Genuinely fantastic car for its age, clean top and bottom, and planning on keeping this one a little more pristine than the Hilux.

All the best



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Mar 19, 2010
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Welcome to the club Dom. :thumbup:

That's a fine looking 100 you have there - live to see some more pics of it.

Living in the Carribbean, owning a nice 100 and a Hilux for running around - sounds to me like your living your best life!! :thumbup: :dance:


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Jun 27, 2021
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Cheers Chad! The island is tiny, so offroading and tooling about is a bit limited, but universal 3rd party insurance of $275 PA (any vehicle you like, modified or high performance), an MOT that only asks for working horn, indicator, wiper and lights, and $4.15 per gallon means I can have motors I couldn't afford to run back home. I'm from Abersoch in N.Wales originally, and spent 12 years in Leicester also. On the flip side, shipping them in is costly! brought 3 from UK and one from Japan so far, including an old Scooby WRX PPP out of site, and a dirt bike in the shed. I'm the wrong side of 45, still don't own a house, but having as much fun as I can in the meantime :thumbup:

Couple more then if you really want, I don't need much encouragement :p


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