OEM or Super Pro Bushes


I am in great_britain
Apr 3, 2010
Hi Guys,

Wonder if I can get some help deciding which bushes to go for, for my LC80.
After doing a bit of research I get the feeling the consesus is that OEM bushes are proven in the field and hence are preferred over Polyurethane Bushes like Super Pro.

The Super Pro Kit includes:
Front Track (Panhard) Bar
Rear Track (Panhard) Bar
Front Radius Arms w/ Caster Correction
Rear Lower Trailing (Control) Arms
Rear Upper Trailing (Control) Arms

The Super Pro kit with the Caster Correction (I'm only thinking of going 2" with the OME uprade and don't think I need the CC) comes in at ~ £373
The corresponding OEM Bushes before any discount from Toyota comes in at £794.93.

It is an overland build as apposed to green laning.
So OEM or Super Pro... some input would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
1998 LC80 1HD-FT Manual GX


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Mar 28, 2010
Hi IQ,

This has definitely been asked before (by me as well I think) and you'll probably be directed to the relevant threads pretty soon.

However, thought I'd add my bit as I've just had all mine replaced with Super-Pro after a lot of discussion both on here and with the Landcruiser specialist who fitted them (Greg at Land Cruisers Overland - highly recommended by me). I am also prepping for a 12 month overland trip.

I did quite a lot of research reading both the Oz and African forums about which bushes to choose. My findings were that it was fairly evenly balanced either way with advocates for each. I was convinced to go Super-Pro based on them simply being better in terms of longevity especially with a loaded truck and a lot of driving over rough ground.

I was initially pretty convinved I'd stick with OEM but the weight of opinion and evidence for Super-Pro was convincing in the end. I can't comment on how good mine are compared to the OEM they replaced as I haven't really done a sufficient road test. However, I would reckon that poly bushes are the best bet if you're going overland.


I am in great_britain
Apr 3, 2010
Hmmm... seems I've been spending too much time on ih8mud (and that too in the 80 forums...) and need to look in the other direction.
I did try the search again here.. and did find the following this time in the 90 section:

Polyurethane bushes

I presume your talking about LCOOL (AUS) and landcruiserclub.co.za (SA)
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