off again, those damned brakes



JB, been thinking about your screetch now. A long shot admittedly,
and again it has happened to me before, though I am not sure if your
80 is the same. But. I once had a stone jammed behind the flange
mounted to the diff input pinion. Its the flange put there to protect
the shaft seal from stuff wrapping on the UJ and then getting behind.
Its quite thin as its just a shield and no more, so that makes it
resonate a bit. HTH
Tring, Herts
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia


Hey Jon/Julian
Thanks for the insight into possible problems, and I do really appreciate
your thoughts.
Its not that i feel an iminent problem happening but still something is not
as it should be if you know what i mean.
I have't had a chance to look at the things you have said yet because its
either raining or very damp and no fun to work, did I say work i meant look
at the cruiser while its dripping water all over me.
Ill bet if a person who knew their stuff with the cruisers was to look or
crawl under or listen or drive the thing they would suss it out.
But I dont have that luxury of knowing and Toyota seem none the better at
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT
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