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Off to Mongolia finally!!!!!


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Mar 1, 2010
Just a quick thread with a couple of photos of the truck ready for the 20k mile trip to Mongolia and back. We were meant to leave last week but we could not get the air con fixed in time. After getting the condensor, compressor, dryer and 2 pipes repaced we are finally ready to leave. Ferry booked for tonight :character-beavisbutthead: We will be back in mid september so wish us luck.



BTW please move if in wrong section, thanks.
Good luck and enjoy!!! Need pics and regular updates ;)
Good luck, Rob! I was starting to wonder if you'd ever manage to leave :mrgreen:

Looking forward to the regular updates!
all the best - enjoy the adventure!
and hope you can send back reports and photos!
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Hi Rob, you know were all here to help out if the wheels come off. Metaphorically speaking of course!!

Have a great trip.

Hey dude - glad you're finally ready for the off & managed to talk Halinka back into the trip... Bluddy Ewan McGregor :lol:

Have a superb time :mrgreen:
You have no idea how jelous I am.

Take as many photos and videos as you possibly can and even make a video diary everyday just summing up what you've done or about to do today. In years to come you'll look back with fond memories.
Good luck, have a blast - hope it all goes fantastically well!!
Good Luck - Have a great time (I'm sure you will!) :D

Look forward to seeing loads of pics... :thumbup:
Best of luck Rob. Mongolia will be stunning this time of year. I look forward to the trip report.

Got a reort from Rob & Halina last night, they stopped up last night in Zakopane in Poland. All sounds well :thumbup:
Thanks gus we are alive and well in Zakopane, it took us 28 hours to drive here with 5 hours sleep. Im my golf it only took 18 hours :shock: Will updates as much as I can. GTG
Hey Rob!
Glad to hear it's all going well - try and enjoy the drive too as you charge east :mrgreen:
I hope the aircon is working well!

Andrew we have two long drives at the begninig of the trip as we are staying at freinds and family in Zakopane and Moscow. We will leave for Moscow on Sunday and we should be there on Monday.

We went for a drive today and we got very stuck. There were some impossible ruts up ahead and so we had to reverse. As we were in ruts we could not get out of them and got stuck when reversing. So we needed to use the winch but the power steering was playing up and our winch is hydrualic... Did i mention there was a thunderstorm too!


and then it started to rain hard