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Offer: Kid's handmade wooden FJ40 toy


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Sep 25, 2014
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Hey Guys!

I'm an FJ40 owner and Land Cruiser lover. I have a little online shop where I sell handmade, wooden and all-natural FJ40's in a variety of colors and customizable options. These are pretty unique little toys, with functioning treaded wheels. Each Land Cruiser is hand carved and painted with all-natural paint and made by me in Seattle, WA. The truck measures 7" long, 4.5" tall and 2.5" wide (including the wheels).

I started making these for my kids after I couldn't find anything like it for sale. Hope you enjoy them too. They sell for $14. If you live internationally, reach out for a shipping quote and we'd be happy to accommodate.

As a new member, I'm not allowed to post links. Shoot me a message and I can direct you to my online store to purchase. You can also search "toy land cruiser" on Etsy and our items will pop right up, the shop name is Twig + Tread.