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Offroading with automatic trans



What kind of heat build up are we talking? Initially I thought that
Roman was mentioning the heat build up on the viscous coupled transfer
case in post 94 models (usually the ones that didn't come with the
central diff lock switch), that is easily fixed by installing the
switch I just bought one from Toyota and fitted it on my 94. That way
even in high range the diff is locked so it doesn't heat, but you
should remember to turn it off once you leave the slippery surface.
But maybe when we are talking about autos there's also the heat build
up in the auto trans to consider ?
That could be improved by providing better cooling or in low range
somewhat you don't stress it so much?
Theory, theory....
94 1HD-T Portugal


No, I am talking about a '92 1HDT with A/T box. In low range you do
not need much to improve cooling, except a small air cooled radiator
in front of the big coolant rad. This will not be sufficient, thought,
to cool the A/T box when pushed too hard in high range.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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