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oil coolers for auto transmissions



Hi John,
Heres a good option there
is enough room that you can fit one (or two if you get real keen) of
these between the air-con rad and the main radiator. If you are worried
about the temps you can got to here look up part KC5376 you will have to upgrade
the probe and build yourself a temp gauge complete with warning light
and or alarm. You can use them for a pyro as well. I am using two of
them to monitor pre & post intercooler temps and made a couple up as
pyro and ATF temp for a friends cruiser.
Craig Vincent
HDJ80 VX LTD Auto, 11/96
Maartens transcooler, Sport turbo & intercooler, Rodney's Extreme II
Valvebody, 3.5" Flowmaster, Walbro 6065, Bilsteins, pyro, boost, pre &
post intercooler, & transtemp gauges
New Zealand.