oil coolers for auto transmissions



Hi John,
Heres a good option
http://www.automatictransmission.com.au/release.asp?NewsId=12319 there
is enough room that you can fit one (or two if you get real keen) of
these between the air-con rad and the main radiator. If you are worried
about the temps you can got to here
http://www.jaycar.co.nz/ look up part KC5376 you will have to upgrade
the probe and build yourself a temp gauge complete with warning light
and or alarm. You can use them for a pyro as well. I am using two of
them to monitor pre & post intercooler temps and made a couple up as
pyro and ATF temp for a friends cruiser.
Craig Vincent
HDJ80 VX LTD Auto, 11/96
Maartens transcooler, Sport turbo & intercooler, Rodney's Extreme II
Valvebody, 3.5" Flowmaster, Walbro 6065, Bilsteins, pyro, boost, pre &
post intercooler, & transtemp gauges
New Zealand.
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