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oopps! okay I'll change 3rd World to Skype



Huh! thought as much - haven't got Broadband - working on it...Digital
Telly? working on this too! HD? Whoa! too much information!
You wrote
"Skype is actually some software plus a telephone, or mike + headset, that
plugs into the USB port on your computer. Calls between skype members are
"free", anywhere in the world, and they are just that: (spoken) talk, not
(written) "chat".
I've put "free" in quotes because you need a broadband connection, which has
to be paid for one way or another. But making a call to another skype member
will not cost you anything extra.
It was bought by Ebay a few months back, so while the technology may or may
not be dodgy (and apparently the call quality can be poor at times) it is a
"proper" setup, not some fly-by-night internet scam. Quite how it will pan
out in the future in the face of competing "Voice over Internet" (VOIP)
services, and also the unhappiness of the main telecoms carriers realising
that they are losing paid-for telephone traffic, remains to be seen. There
has been talk in the USA of some ISPs throttling or even banning VOIP
Personally I haven't bothered: I have a "?5 per month for unlimited UK
landline calls" deal from my ISP which is good enough for me; and we are so
far from the exchange that my broadband connection only delivers about
800kBits/s. It could be worth it if you make a lot of international calls
to people with computers though."
eBay!! I've just closed my account with them as my ID was being phished!!
(got notification today that the account is now closed, and all business is
blocked, phew! glad about that!, and then there's PayPal...I still have yet
to write to their 'customer services')