Pneumatic Suspension


New Member
Jul 2, 2010
Southern Spain
I have a hdj 100 with pneumatic suspension and the other day it went "down" ie it deflated, I am trying to locate tecnical drawings or/and workshop info. I have the workshop manual for the 100 but it only shows the "normal" suspension not the pneumatic, Can anybody help? PS if anybody wants a copy of the manual let me know & I will e-mail the pdf (it is 34megas)

Julian Voelcker

Well-Known Member
Mar 5, 2010
Herefordshire, UK

Chances are you don't have pneumatic suspension, you will have the Active Height Control system which is more hydraulic than pneumatic.

I would start by checking the fluid levels in the reservoir under the bonnet (back of the engine bay on the right hand side, when looking at the car) and also for any leaks underneath.
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