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Julian Mar 2, 2010

  1. Julian

    Julian Well-Known Member

    Just for peoples information, I spoke with Polybush the other day about their range of bushes
    They are about to release a range to fit the 80 and 100 series Cruisers, they should be ready in about 5 weeks I believe
    They will be available in 3 varieties
    for details when they come out
  2. pugwash

    pugwash Well-Known Member I am in uk

    Polybush have a great reputation but there are a number of reasons why that reputation is possibly overinflated. Superpro could be a better choice if you want to go polybush. The major difference (apart from the material being slightly different) seems to be that polybush is layered up and so has a tendency to split- superpro are a single solid block and so don't split. My experience of landrovers seems to back this up- my range rover ATE polybushes for fun, but i never had any probs ith superpro (friends who comp safari would agree).

    Realise Superpro is more money, but you are paying for a better product, and when these bushes are used on 3.5ton trucks (and over when fully kitted in expedition trim), miles from anywhere then it must make sense to pay a bit extra for something so critical. A buggered bush can leave you stranded if you aren't aware of it!

    Not saying that polybush are bad per se, just that superpro are imo better (and better value).
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