Post intake cleanup and injector nozzles


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Apr 13, 2010
Hi All,

I did what in my books is a fairly big job but turned out to be pretty straight forward and has given me confidence to do more on the engine side.

The truck is a completely different animal to drive. Much quiter on cold starts, more power on low down revs, much different in power delivery through the gears.

The latter point seems to be an issue however. At low revs and speeds there's plenty of power and in fact more than before I carried out the work.

However when I welly it it doesn't give as mush acceleration as it used to. Due to the completely differnt drive, it might simply be a matter of getting used to it but I'm pretty sure that its massively underpowered at high throttle.

So much so that I got caught out overtaking a cyclist on Friday. Lots of revs but next to no acceleration.

It seems to kick down too much and just rev out rather than staying in a higher gear and pulling hard.

I'm at a loss here. Bit worried that I got something wrong but don't think so. I used all new gaskets apart from the nozzle seals. Some of them were stuck in the head.

Is there something else I might need to do after such a clean out ?? Batteries were disconnected btw. I'll be wiring in my Tunit box next weekend but don't want to use it as a workaround to a possible problem.

My IP is ticking quite loudly...

Thanks guys.

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