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Power Sreering Question From Steve.



Steve Ackhurst wrote :-
I've a read bit about the Saginaw set up. What makes it preferable to the
original Toyota PS?
If not better there must be a difference, what made you swap, if swap is the
right word.<
I don't think the Saginaw set up is any better than the Toyota set-up, just
The reason that I went over to it was that I was doing a spring over,
shackle reversal and wanted a high steer set up with it.
The Saginaw system also allows you to remove the 'Bell Crank' (which needs
constant adjustment) from the system altogether.
It solves many problems, but creates many others. If I was doing the thing
all over again, I would probobly use a system similar to the one used by
Mark Whatley, and use a steering box from an FJ55.
The vehicle is still manufactured in Japan, but specifications varied (and
still do) depending on what country the vehicle is destined for. The best
thing about the Australian spec. is that the Aussies drive on the same side
of the road as we do over here. Mine is a four speed, they went to five
speed in, I think it was 83.
Mik Kenney, (Cruisermik).
T.L.C.A. Member (Last 8 Years).
82 FJ 40 Series, Australian Spec. 'Swagman' Undergoing Serious Mods.
97 80 Series 1HD FT. 'Abe' 2" O.M.E. And Further Plans.