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Power steering noise


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Nov 4, 2021
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Hi all, in the last few days I've started to get some low level groaning/ whining nose when turning the wheel and it seems to be getting slowly worse each day. I've checked the power steering reservoir and it's not losing fluid (or much at all as I only top it up a few fluids oz. every 3-6 months) and the fluid isn't airated when I turn the steering when it's jacked up.
I've checked the high and low pressure lines and there doesn't seem to be any leaks or cracks in the pipes.
I've also checked to steering rack which is only a few years old and there isn't any leaking coming from that, having removed both rubber boots too. The vehicle is 23 years old and it has the original power steering pump so I'm wondering if it's time to replace the whole pump or just check the seals?

I've also noticed that the steering rod which comes from the steering rack up the the steering wheel (sorry I don't know it's proper name) has had its rubber seal completely worn off at the top; please see the photo attached. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the noise I'm hearing or does the seal serve no important purpose other than for dust/ water protection?

Final question!.... I'll need my vehicle for an airport run in a week's time but might not get chance to repair the Cruiser before that; is it safe to drive/ keep driving in this state or could I get seriously stranded with a break down?

Thanks so much in advance for any support!


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@larryseaman It won't help you much, but my power steering has had a bit of a groan going on for a few years now. It first appeared during some very hot weather in the Pyrenees (around 40 degrees), and has never gone away. Touch wood, other than the groan, I have not noticed any negative issues.
Hi Bert, thanks for this. I'm in Zambia with my vehicle and have been here for almost 8 years having imported it from the UK so it's used to the hot weather. Maybe the heat is finally getting to it ☺️!
Thanks AdventureWagon, the fluid in the reservoir seems pretty clean but could it be that the pump and lines have older/ dirtier fluid?
Also is flushing it out a simple enough job?
I think you can do it easily by just sucking the reservior dry with a syringe and then refilling with new fluid then running the motor and steering for a minute. If you repeat that a few times you'll have as good as new fluid in the system.

I think it is quicker to remove a hose and pump the rack dry but I haven't attempted this.

Mine has pretty dark fluid and is due for changing this year. My power steering pump is the original though with 398,600km on the clock. How many km/miles on yours?

Zambia sounds exotic, much more interesting than the UK!
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Zambia is certainly different from the UK but I maybe wouldn't describe it as exotic . Fun for driving in the different conditions though with the sand, mud and heavy rain seasons. Glad I brought this vehicle over!
My vehicle has 236,571 miles on it. I'll give it a go with flushing the fluid.

Do you know what symptoms I should be listening/ looking out for that might make it dangerous to drive or should that not be an issue?
I think even if the power steering fails entirely the steering will still work it will just be hard work in a car this size. You can try this by moving the steering wheel with the key in but motor off. At speed it would be no problem but parking would be an exercise!
Apologies if already done, but have you tried bleeding ? The way to do this is to get both front wheels of the ground and with the engine running slowly go from lock to lock several times.
Hi flint, thanks for the response. I'm just finishing off bleeding the full power steering system now by raising up the front end as you say and disconnecting the low pressure return line to bleed it out while turning the wheels fully. I'll take it for a test run and let you all know how it turns out.
I'm thinking of topping it up with some Wynns ATF power steering conditioner to to help reduce steering noise and protect the seals. This should hopefully help with it being a 23 year old vehicle.