Power window problems - wanting to keep the rain out!

Wichitan Aug 4, 2013

  1. Wichitan

    Wichitan New Member

    Since I became the owner of the 94 LC about 2 1/2 yrs ago the front windows have gone up and down but the two rear windows haven't moved. About 3 weeks ago I accidentally left my windows down and it rained for an hour. I accidentally pushed the rear driver window down button and it rolled down! I was so happy :icon-smile: then about 3 days ago as I was driving with the windows down it began to rain ... the newly actively rear window would not roll up! It's now stuck open about 4" and I have taken all the switches apart and cleaned them and then after doing so on the master door switch panel the illuminating lights that pop on under the switches came on. As soon as I was finished cleaning and put the master switch back into place I pulled up to roll the back window up and ... no dice Bob. There was a click or sparking type sound that came from either the dash or under the hood and now none of the windows will go up or down ... not even the sunroof. I have checked all the fuses (twice) and tried all the tricks I can think of. Who has an answer or an idea to get me rolling down a new path? This just happens to be the rainiest summer since I can remember in Kansas. Thanks to all.

  2. joinerman

    joinerman Well-Known Member

    I'd be looking at the wiring loom where it goes through the A pillar to the door, probably a chaffed/broken wire shorting out, have you checked the relays under the bonnet ? sorry hood to you, lol
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