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Prado parts



Ian wrote..
I can't order one from Toyota because my model number doesn't show
it as an available part on their system, and they can only order
parts relating to a specific vehicle model number.
Ian, as always, Julian will be a great help to you as he has
indicated, bless him.
As an aside, I would advise you to identify your Prado as best as you
can using the web. I am like you in that I have an odd vehicle that
the average dealer is not bothered to identify - I don't have a VIN
either. This is not just dealers in UK but also the laughingly
described 'main dealer for Bosnia' in Sarajevo - who has no remit
from Toyota. Unfortunately my 80 is to be found in the 'general area'
parts database and not the European or Japanese databases. So one day
I researched its origin on the web and found the infamous Russian
site that will identify any Toy model almost down to the date of
production. (Used to be at but there are
others and a particularly good one in Germany I believe). The
critical identifier being the 'catalog number'. Once you have this
then your dealer should be able to identify the beast. But then the
next problem you have is that the parts manager is god and you are a
mere earthling who knows nothing about the secrets of Toyota that
only god knows about; oh and by the way, as our mate JB has found
out, he really does like working with the Yaris.
These dealers have their software set-up to default to the Euro
database and are reluctant to even recognise that there is more on
their hard disc than they would admit to. They will grudgingly
acknowledge that there is a Japanese database due to the increasing
pressure to supply parts for grey imports, but at times will not be
over-keen to identify your build on their system. But if you know the
catalog number and get them to enter it into the correct database,
they will come-up with the right set of parts data. Its just that you
have to beat their head on the counter in the process! Turning-up
with a full part number and description as supplied by Julian may
just encourage your dealer to recognise that you know a thing or two
more about your Prado than he does, and may then be a little more
respectful once he has entered the data you supply, in which case get
him to write down any further references on the system that he may
come-up with, in addition to that supplied by Julian. HTH
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - frame no: HZJ80-0012761. Catalog no: 791340.
Build date:1992-05. Modification no: 068.