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'praise' !



Steve and JB, my humble thanks for your accolades, but that's why we are
all here. I probably have a few more contacts and ruses just cos I have no
dealership in this country and have to work things out for myself a bit
more. I also learn a lot at my wonderful Toy scrapyard ;o))
I am pleased Darren in Oz was a help for your 40 bits Steve. He is very
active in the Toy club scene in Oz and quite reliable. He has been
determined to send me a rebuild kit for my transmission. We just need a
mate like yours to bring it FOC on a plane ! So stick with us we all try
and help M8.
JB. I still worry about your axle and your costs. Despite your innocent
Celtic charm and wit you are a serious and sensible Toy owner with great
care for your 80. When I think about it, if you are determined to get the
axle right and are ready to learn, why not make it the start of your
Apart from your bad back and lack of work, you want to learn about the 80
as much as save money from the rip-off Toy garage. OK so you may not have
found the 'right' man to help you, but really, if you have a good manual -
even Haynes will do - and a mate with good mechanical knowledge and a range
of the right tools, then why not have a go - you do have the time for it
after all. Even a good local tractor mechanic will be a great help if you
can find one down the pub. (But get him to help preferably before he goes
down there!)
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia - where the snow chains are now packed
away for the summer


'praise' ![Chat]

Hey there Jon
You will just have to buy bigger hats for your swollen head from all that
praise, but I have to say credit were credit is due and none of this nicey
nicey crap just for the sake of it. You and the other guys should take
praise because you all deserve it, so get used to it right. Talk about the
Irish charm I reckon somewhere there is some Irish in you, hope that dos'nt
offend you in any way Jon. I would love to fix the seal myself but it
would be like all my night mares come true. Even if I thought that I did it
right , I would be waiting for some thing hughmunguse to happen soon after.
But if I did it and it worked WOW. Although what could go wrong every one
seems to have done their own. Could you tell me what I would need to do the
job and what steps to do and what tools I would need. Now see what happened,
its all your fault Jon giving me ideas of instantaneous grandeur of my
abilities in this area of expertise and knowledge. I have come back down to
earth now , that gave me a fright.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland