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Pre-order: Roof Top Tent


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Sep 1, 2015
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I'm in the process in buying a Roof top tent(RTT) for me overland trip from London to South Africa. I found the prices for these tents to high for what I'm willing to spend. Which lead me to researching different avenues to obtain a good quality RTT at a reasonable price. I ended up with a manufacturer in China that supply tents to ARB tents, TJM, Austrack Camper and Primus.

The picture below is their Standard 1400mm wide RTT which the price below are based on.

View attachment 24611RT 01

I've been in contact with them in recent months and they can make the tent in 320g Ripstop Canvas in sand colour which is better then some of the RTT you get in the UK. Below is some of the spec:
Type 2 - 3 Person Tent
Layers Single
Fabric Canvas
Pole Material Aluminium
Color Sand/
Material 320g Ripstop Canvas
Ladder Aluminium material
Size/width 1.2m/1.4m/1.65m/1.8m/2.2m
Optional accessories Annex or Awning
OEM We could offer OEM service.
Warranty Normally one year warranty.

So for the group buy we require the following:

  • buy 10 RTT.
  • pay 20% deposit for them to start
  • pay 100% before RTT get shipped

Cost for 10 RTT

  • RTT $ 3800 £2680.97
  • Shipping $ 150 £105.83
  • UK TAX £2680.97@ 20% £536.20
  • Port handling fee (estimate) £560

Total £3883 = £388.30 per tent. This don't include shipping from the port to home address. They do different RTT sizes also with the entry cover like the below with annex( DON'T KNOW IF BIGGER TENTS WILL COST MORE):

If you're interested put your name to the list. PM me with your requirements. I want to order before end of March.

1. Paul

We need 10 and I know there is a lot of people out there looking for RTT.
that sound like a blood good price, what port will they ship to?
Sounds like a great buy - more details on the supplier, options available and pics of tents would go along way to getting more buy in for you :)

They will ship it to Felixstowe Port. Which is an hours drive form me. I haven't researched cost from the port per courier. But sure something can be arranged.

The supplier is Wincar :"WINCAR INDUSTRY is the professional supplier of off-road and on road SUVaccessories products for more than 8 years. Our main products including roof top tent /roof rack &box, bike carriers,car snorkels.
WINCAR only produce & export the relatively high-end products to the world.We have gained acceptance by many countries' friends, we have distributors in Australia ,Russia, USA,Czech, Panama, Ecuador,South Africa,Poland.
We exhibit our new proudctsin the SEMA /Las Vegas show,SPOGA/ Cologne ,and Automechanika/Mocow/ Frankfurt/Shanghai."

Here is more detail on the two RTT:

RT 01
Quick Detail:

For 1.4m widrh,
1. Open dimensions RT01-1 240(L)x120(W)x130cm(H)
2. Fold dimensions 124*29*148cm

Annex Carton 35*25*61cm


1. Open dimensions 240 x 140 x 130cm
2. Fold dimensions 120 x 140 x 28cm
3. Inner size 233*120*123cm
4. Packing size 125*30*148cm
5. Five kinds of roof tent size available
240x120x130cm; 240x140x130cm;
240x165x130cm; 240x180x130cm;
6. Tent & ladder packing size: 124*29*148cm/PC
7. Gw/nw: 51/49kgs
8. Annex packing size: 18*18*60cm/PC
9. Gw/nw: 3/2.5kgs
10. 20GP:1282pcs
11. 40HQ:3487pcs

RT 05

Quick Detail:

1. Open dimensions 320*140*130CM
2. Fold dimensions 125*30*148CM

1.140cm Tent Carton:124*29*148cm/1pc GW/NW:54KGS/51KGS
2.Annex Carton:35*25*61cm/1pc GW/NW:10KGS/9KGS

Tent Fabric: 320G Canvas
Roof cover: 1000D polyester
Flysheet: 200D waterproof polyester
Mattress: 55% polyester and 45% TDI
Floor: Aluminum sheets
Annex: 200D/400D polyester with PVC
Ladder: Aluminum
Zipper: All 5# and 10# YKK( add $9.00/ annex+tent)

Different size available as belows
RT05-1 320(L)x120(W)x130cm(H)
RT05-2 320(L)x140(W)x130cm(H)
RT05-3 320(L)x165(W)x130cm(H)
RT05-4 320(L)x180(W)x130cm(H)
RT05-5 320(L)x220(W)x130cm(H)
Ladder size: Folding 114cm, Max. 200cm for choice; 54cm additional ladder for choice

What would the price be for a RT05-05?? For a family of 5 maybe better to get 2 smaller ones

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Are you sure they are canvas as they look similar to the prime tents which are nylon.
i was looking on there web site and saw this

We have full range of Tent for your selection, available in ...
Hard-shell car roof tent,
Car roof tent (Oxford),
Car roof tent (Polyester),
Car roof tent (Canvas),
Extented car roof tent,
Changing room,
Ground camping tent.

He wants to place an order in canvas only
They look the same as the one i bought about about 6 years ago. Good for the money. They want to be delivered in a crate as they can be damaged in transit.

I have asked them for a few different prices.


I have asked to send some photo over of the canvas tents. Ratrace is right that we want to place a order in for just canvas I belief it keeps it a bit warmer in the tent.

Also someone pointed out that I missed import duty 12% = £321.72 make the RT01 £420.48 per tent.
Are you looking at the rt01 or the rt05-01 ? They look to be very different tents.

Also, can we find out price for the rt05-05?

The difference between the two is the cover over the entrance to the tent. RT01 don't have this cover, where the RT05 has the cover. Also the room on the bottom will be bigger with the RT05. I think the entrance cover to the tent is a better option which is the RT05.

Ill be looking at the RT05-02 that is 140cm wide. The RT05-05 is 220cm. There is the RT05-03cm 165 and RT05-04 180cm in between. So a few options.

Just be mind full the annex was never included in the original price.

I've asked for prices on the RT05-05.

Just waiting for the reply.
would like to order one but with an Annex as well looking at the 165cm (w) one
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heres mine, I think it is the same, I also have the lower section.1095.jpg


yes you do pay extra for them I did asked for annex prices as well.

chapel gate where did you buy yours?
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a chap was selling them on ebay, don't know if he still is. presume he bought a load from china and stuck his bit on top. i had to send one back because of damage, the replacement wasn't perfect but these are not nice things to keep posting about! so i lived with it.. hence my comments that they need shipping in crates or a pallet ideally.
These are pictures they send over this morning of the canvas tents.

I do see a difference between the canvas and polyester. The canvas looks to be a better quality and solid. I know there is a few manufacturers from China that all use the same design. Wincar manufacture 50 000 tents a month.

Prices for RT 01 with annex is $400
Price for RT05 02 with annex is $488.25

Still waiting for the other sizes prices to come through
So if you put a ordered in how long to manufacture and how will shipping take?

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