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pressing trailing arm bushing in



Hi Guys
Just wondered if it takes the same amount of pressure to fit the two front
bushings (correction bushings) to the trailing arms as it does the rear
Im getting ahead of myself here but I have a set of corerection bushing that
I have not fitted yet.
I am told I dont need them with the 2 inch lift and maybe I dont, but I have
them all the same and every now and again they call out to me (please fit us
to your cruiser).
I was just thinking if the correction bushings are not needed and you fit
them what is the outcome, maybe worse steering problems than before they
were fitted.
I am going to get the steering box done and the steering damper then and
only then can I ask for a diagnosis to be done by some guy or maybe Toyota.
So just wondering really what the outcome would be and of course it could
always be reversed with a little more money.
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT