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Milner Off Road

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Nov 12, 2014
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Firstly I would just like to say Thanks to Crispin, you are very efficient and helpful :)

Milner Off Road Ltd are the leading UK mail order suppliers of parts for most Japanese 4x4 vehicles.

We have been trading since 1981, originally developing engine conversion kits, then realised the expanding market for Japanese 4x4 parts.

Now operating from new purpose built premises in Matlock, Derbyshire, we supply to trade and retail customers in both the UK and overseas.

With over £2 million of parts on stock, we supply at very competitive prices.

All parts shown on our website can be delivered to your home or business address in the U.K by carrier on a 1 - 2 day service. Certain areas in Scotland and Off Shore Islands may take a wee bit longer. We also deliver worldwide - please contact us for further details.

Because we specialise in 4x4 vehicles our product knowledge is extensive and we can advise on problem areas such as import vehicles. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to assist and advise.

Milner Off Road Racing continues to develop the competition and specialised area of its operation and details of their products can be found on the Off Road Racing section of the website.

We can offer members up to 5% off orders with your unique discount code.
To benefit from this deal please quote SARDINE CURL and your FORUM NAME.
You can quote this when you phone us on 01629 734411 OR if you order on-line, please enter this into the special instructions / comments box and your discount will be amended when we are processing your order.

We stock a HUGE range of parts for all the Toyota Landcrusier Range
Just head to our website

If you have any questions, my name is Harriet and I will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have. Please PM me or email me direct at [email protected].

Thank you

Welcome Harriet. It's about time. I have been pestering Carl for years.

I am going to be honest here, some may say blunt. I am one of your biggest exponents on this forum and use you a great deal. But you may have some bridges to build. There have been many satisfied customers on these pages and Milner is often a first port of call for that item that is needed desperately but not at main dealer prices. Carl always says that there are two principal sorts of customers- those who want cheap fix it and flog it parts and those who want original parts for cheap fix money. Well that is unrealistic. Carl has negotated some fantastic parts at good prices over the years and we benefit from that, but for the uninitiated customer, there are faults with some of the cheaper parts that have a tendency to fail and it's the response that Milner have given at times has not been helpful. 'We've sold thousands and never had a problem' isn't helpful when you're parked at the edge of the road. Whther it's possible to stock different grades of parts is something to consider. However, we DO understand that 80 series Cruiser owners aren't your ONLY customers. As long as you are prepared to listen to what is very knowledgeable and experienced feedback we'll all try and behave!



So once again welcome. We'd love to work with you to get the parts that we want at the quality that we need at a price we can afford. But just be aware that you might need to put your tin hat on occasionally. I'll drop in and see you next time I am over Two Dales way. In fact I need some parts that may be sooner rather than later.
Very diplomatically presented Chris, :clap:

Harriet, welcome to the forum! :icon-biggrin:

I'm too far away to ever buy from Milners or anyone else for that matter in the UK, but there have been many posts on here, both praising your products and some not so complementary.

So seconding Chris' eloquent welcome to the forum, be prepared and good luck!

We're not a bad bunch, but some get a bit excitable at times... try to bear with them.... :icon-biggrin:
Thanks Guys for the welcome :)

I am on quite a few forums, I would like to be on many, so we can really interact with the customers and get feedback. Whether this be positive or negative.

We as a company have to supply parts to the man who is selling the car, the one who wants it gone and the enthusiast

We do understand that sometimes the gap between a genuine part and non-genuine is big, but as you are aware we have tried to bridge this gap with named brands such as HDK/KOYO/TOKICO etc.

Even though we don’t have loads of genuine parts on the shelf we can get hold of them in approx 7-10 days. I know this doesn't help the man who is broken down now, but if like yourself you plan a head maybe this can be an option.

Over the last year we have been adding new models to our line up to try and provide for everyone.

If anyone does have any queries or problems , please do not hesitate to contact myself whether this be on here, PM, email or phone I will be more than happy to help and do my up most to make sure you as the customer are satisfied.
Oh and Clive , if you ever need a quote for parts to Romania, i will be more than happy to get you a price :)

And people don't forget your discount code when ordering :)
Harriet, great response and very encouraging. The more successful you are the better it serves us. I see you are on TPORE too. Not many Japanese vehicles in their membership and those that are, are usually Zooks which you don't do parts for.

I think that what would be useful is posting when you get something new. You recently started stocking ABS looms and sensors for the 80 series. Fantastic! Well worth posting that. Not every nut and bolt of course, but new bits maybe. Also worth shouting if you get a batch of OEM parts in - say brake master cylinders. Good chance we'll snap things like that up to stick on our garage shelves. One thing worth mentioning is that you do have a good website. Very easy to navigate, good pictures and descriptions of parts too.

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Yes, TPORE approached me as they were local to us and we like to support local groups :)

The feedback is great, keep it coming. I don't want anyone to think we do not listed as we do take feedback seriously and look into every suggestion that is put our way.

I will do my best to keep you up to date with any new products or anything that may be of interest to yourselves.

On Monday I sent an email through your www site asking for a bit more info on the Trailing arm bushes (lower) OEM part number / MPN
  • 48702-35070
  • 90119-14069
I wanted to know if they were split bushes (to make installation easier) or not, and what the postage would be to France for a set of 4 with bolts etc. (24340 postcode). Not had a response yet, any chance of answering?
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Hi Steve,

I am very sorry we haven't got back to you. I have checked on sales emails and cannot find an email.

Yes we stock the bushes they are £8.50 each + vat

They can be found here

Delivery to France would be £!6 via DHL 2-4 day delivery time :)