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Radio, cig lighter and internal lights stopped working


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Jun 13, 2015
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My fist time on the forum, can anybody help!

I have checked all fuses, replaced cig lighter fuse.......nothing.....any idea,s
Try the 'dome' fuse in the rectangular fuse box under the bonnet.
Thank you Star Cruiser, where can I get this type of fuse from, are you in the uk.
I think it's just a blade fuse from memory. Think it might be a red one. I'm not near the truck to look but it's pretty obvious.
Bottom right, 10A standard size blade fuse. Check it and see. Does the radio and interior lights on mine but not the cigar lighter socket.

Yes yes yes....... Thats it...............sorted

thanks very much.
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I had jump start several weeks ago, I presume this was why the fuse blew, I have been advised to switch the lights on when using jump leads.
Hmmm, sounds a bit strange to me. Just make sure you jump start off the left (from the front) battery is the only advice I would give (apart from the usual cautions regarding final connection away from the battery and not disconnecting with either engine revving). Can't imagine the jump start would cause a blown fuse.

Monitor it and if it goes again try and note what was on at the time. Might just be a tired fuse though.
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Cheers Rich i blew mine today when i scotch locked a reverse camera into the wrong loom :doh:

I should add the fob would unlock but not lock the truck until i replaced the 10 amp dome fuse .

All i have to do now is work out whats wrong with my radio , Chinese double din I fitted years ago , took it out a few months back because CD was jumping from one track to the next mid song and back again . Even took the radio to bits but could see nothing obvious to fix so gave up and refitted it to make the dash tidy as i was away from home .

A mile later it came on working perfect :confusion-shrug:

I'm likely just going to refit it again and hope for the same but its a nuisance not being able to test the cam first .
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Happy days , drove myself nuts looking for a bad connection and it turned out to be a secure connection in all the miscellaneous wiring left behind by a previously owners home entertainment system . Unplugged that and all is good .

Got this cam with the stereo years ago but it just doesn’t lend itself to any placement I thought suitable