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Re[2] spots



Hello Julian,
Thursday, October 25, 2007, 9:17:29 AM, you wrote:
JV> Morning John,
JV> Firstly, we all know that the 80s lights are a little bit dim due to
JV> voltage loss in the wiring loom. With the twin headllights in the 80s
JV> the low beam is appalling where as the high beam is passable, but for
JV> most people it is the low beam that is the most critical - being able
JV> to see the road when driving in traffic.
Yes, as my 80 is not a DD, so I've only just realised this fact after
a long drive home at night on country roads last week. Saves fuel I
suppose as you have to drive slowly:)
JV> Firstly Go to your local motor factors and buy the best bulbs you can
JV> afford and legaly fit in your headlights. Re fitting - it is much
JV> quicker and easier to remove the batteries from the car first - it
JV> gives you a lot more room.
Does anyone know what are the brightest bulbs that can be used
without having to upgrade anything else.
Best regards,
Marko mailto:[Email address removed]