Re Beerfield joints all new - still have clucking noise !



Didn't see inside the birfield as I cleaned the grease out without
dismantling the Birfield....merde!
Re your clunking noise:
Have taken the following from the internet somewhere...
It's EXTREMELY important that the steering range is at the stock
setting or
less (see info below). A few degrees, actually even 1 degree, too much
they will go so often that you should purchase shares in the company
makes them. I ran into a fellow in South Africa who trial races some
trick 4X4s and he was going through Birfields every weekend UNTIL he
adjusted his steering stops to the right setting AND he has yet to go
through one since. These guys usually adjust the stops in so that they
turn much sharper to be competitive.
This could be a possible pcause of my problem as I replaced all tie rod
& drag link ends when doing the re-pack. Perhaps I messed up the
steering range.....
Good luck
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