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Re- Made-up exhausts - CHAT + Tires.



Hy John,
I'm back in the Emerald Isle now after a good, but not as planned, holiday.
Glad to hear the C.V. is holding up o.k. long may it continue to do so.
One thing I did pick up in the U.K. was a box (12 tubes) of Castrol
Pyroplex Black. It's the best C.V. grease I could find, so if you do need
some, let me know. I can spare a couple of tubes at cost.
With the exhaust thing, as I said previously, I'm looking for somone who
has a 3" System fitted. Just 'kicking tires' at the moment.
I've seen quite a lot about O.M.E. springs on the 80 series list lately.
Some dealing with exactly the issue you have with the 'A' and 'B' thing.
I seem to remember that there is a slight difference between the two, one
being about 10mm (3/8") longer.
The outcome I believe was that the longer one goes on the passenger side of
the vehicle to counter the effect of road camber.
Strange, mine came with stickers on indicating Right and Left!!!
Australians drive on the same side as we do (sensible fellows), so that is
exactly how I fitted 'em. Looks and rides great.
If you'r still in doubt, do as Julian suggests and take a look at Slee
Off-Road. That should clear it up.
You seem to have got a good price on Grabbers. Is that for the All Terrain?
I went for the B.F.Gs in the end, cost me 900 euro for five. That was
fitted, ballanced, inc. V.A.T. the lot. Which I thought was very reasonable,
and cheaper than I could find 'em in the U.K.
I know cost is a major consideration, but I would not go for re-moulds
except for off-road work where you are unlikly to be moving faster than
about 20 m.p.h.
I had re-moulds on my old 70 series and in quite a short time suffered two
tires with severe splits in the sidewalls and another suffered partial
seperation. In fareness, the manufacturer replaced them without quibble, but
it's still somthing you can do without.
Exactly when are you going to France? (Hope your exhaust system hold up
o.k.). Are you likely to be in the U.K.anytime near the Billing Show? We
might have that glass of wine then perchance?
Mik Kenney, (Cruisermik).
T.L.C.A. Member (Last 8 Years).
82 FJ 40 'Swagman'
97 80 1HD FT. 'Abe'


Hey Mik
Glad you got back in one piece. Ah sure im only thinking ahead about my
exhaust being bad I hope. I did notice rust flakes and such but sure a
bandage will do if it goes for a while. I just want to be prepared for when
not if it goes. I have found a place here that will do the BFG tyres for
700 euro for 5 but I would have to see them first. I found another place
that will do them for 105 euro each but have to verify if its for the AT or
road tyre and delivery aswell. I think I agree with you about the retreads
or remoulds as we called them. You can't get them here anymore, I was
looking at an english supplier for them and the price was very tempting, but
and that a big but. I am still on the look out for a guy who can weld and
such so I can get protection for the steps and the underbelly but no luck
yet.Yes the price for the grabbers is for the AT, they seem a nice tyre buy
do not know about them, the kids want them because of the white lettering on
the sides, so maybe they will buy them foe me foe fathers day, not a hope.
Im going to France on the 17th of june from here and then returning on the
2nd July. We are in two minds about going to Duxford to see the planes or
Manchester to see Old Trafford, because we have nearly two days in the UK I
think on the way back. Thats why im looking at all my options for stuff to
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland