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RE Noise on turning



JB wrote...
The noise is like a plastic piece of something being rubbed or squashed, at
least thats my new more advanced theory on it, and it only happens when
steering is slightly turned.
Have no real clue JB, but just have a look at your brake pads and make sure
they are not dragging. Ideally, you would push them back off the discs and
then drive immediately without using anything other than your handbrake.
(Which I appreciate is not so easy with an auto - another reason why I like
manuals!) Turn etc. in the way you get the noise and see if you still have
it. Hopefully the noise will have gone, in which case you will have a
dragging brake pad due to muck on its surface or a sticky piston which is
not easing-off as it should when you take the foot off the pedal. The muck
on the surface sounds a doubtful tale, but I have had similar after going
through rough stuff and getting muck filling in the groove which you find
running down through the friction material at 90 degs to the axle. Well at
least it will eliminate one more possibility.
Thanks for your invitation to record my views on TLC maintenance, but that
privilege should go to Julian as he is pulling them apart more frequently
than me. But I will still be taking-up your offer to come over for the
craic as soon as we can.
Grand Union Canal -Wendover Arm
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Surplus from Bosnia