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Re SVO UK govt tax break



SVO UK govt tax break

Hi Benoit,
It sounds as if your politicians are the same as ours! I use a 25% SVO to
75% diesel mix, straight vegetable oil or sunflower is OK but SVO is
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Sent: Monday, June 25, 2007 1:14 PM
Subject: Re : [ELCO] SVO UK govt tax break
Hello Jon that is a good bit of informations there. Here in France they
authorities tolerate we run some SVO because of green pression on
government, but that could change if some guy in government gets sting by a
bug on his butt and gets mad about it all. They ministers talk about making
biofioul for every body in their car in some years, but laugh up at it, they
means only 3%. Typique stupide French administrations making more noise than
We have white spirit here in France too mayby I will try using some SVO next
week end. How much should I put? Is colza or sunflower best?
ps: thanks to web other wise I would never find out what means SVO !
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Objet : [ELCO] SVO UK govt tax break
So how soon before the price of SVO increases?
Its still not something I indulge in - or should I, now its legally tax free
at my level of consumption?
Oh yes, and I see that another new wheeze for those who think that SVO is a
bit thick. To help mixing with derv , the 'experts' recommend the addition
of 1 litre of white spirit to 20litres of oil and let it stand for 2-3 days.
It has magic effects with no mechanical mixing apparently. Some have used
petrol but the white spirit has lubricating properties that the petrol does
not possess - apart from the fact that it needs physically mixing - and of
course white spirit does not evaporate either.
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