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" 1996 so USA exportable next year" = the thought of profit for some ? might explain the price
Silver K reg at bottom of the list 2500 buy that and spend ten grand and got yourself a good un
I've seen the £15k HJ45 that's for sale in Sussex further down in the list at Tuff Trek. It's very clean, only had a quick look and didn't hear it running though.
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People are probably going to be asking more and more for these old trucks on the run up to the 2030 new ICE ban, until that is the Gov decide to start targeting those hanging on to their old vehicles. On the plus side the 2030 ban doesn't apply to motorcycles!:happy-cheerleaderk:
I read a typo that seems to have been copied all over the place saying most drivers can't afford a new electric vehicle , but i'm not going to email them all with the correction - most drivers can't afford a new washing machine !
Further proof that the Covid era has pushed asking prices up and not the other way around.
Rising prices are bad news for our community - a barrier to entry & an invitation to speculators to drive prices even higher.I guess most of you who own an 80 wouldn't part with it unless it was worth really sky high money , maybe like some of the FJ/BJs on the classic car site ? prices seem to vary wildly -there was a Citroen AX sport going for 9 K ! but a Celica convertible for 2.5 K ? Trying to predict the future is notoriously difficult.
The so called ban on ICE vehicles is a great sound bite for a government deep in the shit but it only proposes the prohibition on new vehicles . The idea that the car industry can fully convert to electric in 10 years , let alone the infrastructure needed for charging etc. is pie in the sky.
It will excite the kids who will only vote to be Borgs because they are young enough to believe they know everything , 10 years from now they will be working all the hours just to pay rent and wondering who voted for all this save the planet bullshit same as the rest of us .
So where is the Greta Iceberg Lettuce and the Stinking Rebels they don't seem to have lasted 10 years and I pray to the gods of Rust Preservation that my Truck will outlast them all
Can't put up the link but check out Anglia car auctions classic sale last Sat
80 series 93 grey manual. 62k sold for

£15 120. Mot history mentioned rusty arches and heavy underside corrosion. Someone out there obviously thinks there worth really good money
I’m amazed how a lot of 5-6k petrol 80s seem to be creeping towards 8-9k.
I bought mine nearly 8 years ago for £4400! Only done 93k miles now!!
Asking prices do seem high!
We see a lot of asking prices but hardly no sales figures. I guess if there are multiple bids after the sale ends that may be a guide but I expect several fall through.
2 on FB today. A 93 plate at £20k and an R plate at £15k Both look very decent
They’re only planning on banning new sales of cars wholly powered by diesel or petrol. Almost everything is currently offered as a hybrid version already.