Rear axle strip down


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Feb 24, 2010
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For those of you who have ever been curious (or simply have no friends) as to what's inside the big round thing under your vehicle, here's a few pics of the delights awaiting inside. Removing the rear diff on a  90 is not a particularly technical affair and actually only needs a handful of tools, but there can be some grunting and banging involved depending on how clagged up your axle actually is. This is not a diy guide to doing the job, just some pics.

Wheels off, 4 bolts out, brake hose off and disconnect handbrake. Slide this out carefully.

Here's the end of the axle housing. Look out for the O ring on the end. - By now you will have realised that you should have drained the oil!

Once you have taken the locker motor off, undone the bolts and removed the propshaft, you'll be left with a big hole. It's a handy place to store your diff in when not using it!

Diff - minus the crown wheel

Which looks like this:

When you stick the half-shafts back in, they look like this

Incidentally, when I sealed it up I didn't use the RTV sealant that I bought, I used the Toyota paper gasket and haven't lost a drop since. Mind you , I spent some time cleaning the mating faces first. JW did a fantastic job on rebuilding my diff and it's all running smoothly again now. Ready for the next Lincomb Farm

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