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Rear Differential Question


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Jan 12, 2022
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Considering buying a Non 3X locked Land Cruiser and Adding a rear diff locker of my own
I go to the Eaton website and I see conflicting information
The question gets down to this: In US MADE 80 series LandCruisers,
Do ALL the REAR differentials from ALL model years have a C-Clip design or was it only the earlier ones that had this?
Eaton Makes an E-Locker that fits rear diffs that DO NOT have a C-Clip design
If ALL US MADE Rear Diffs have C-Clip I am SOL.....
As far as I know, no Landcruisers were made in the US. Most were made in Japan, some in Venezuela/Australia/South Africa.

If you have the VIN number, put it into and they’ll tell you exactly what diff is fitted to that frame.
Earlier 80's have drum brakes so you may find 'C' clip axles in there although that is speculation, I agree no 80's were made in the US.