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rear wheel carrier 80



Hi guys
I went to Toyota today just to see what they would say. He was amazed that
I could tell him about the difference between the European and the Africain
and Asian Landcruiser markets. All this info I was armed with I might add
came from the list. So thanks guys for all your imput. Up untill I was able
to explain all about the little differences between the 80s released all
over the world, I am nearly 100% sure that they (Toyota0 would have fitted
it anyway even without knowing for sure if the pillar could take the weight.
They did put me on the track of a guy (an auto engineer) who had a look, a
really good look and said that in no way would the pillar hold the carrier.
He said he will see if he can put a brace or plate in between the outer skin
and the inner skin. He did say he may not be able to do it because of the
lack of working space behind there. Ill know tomorrow. So there is no extra
support on the rear pillars for any type of wheel carrier. So thats that, he
will be able to do it or I will have to send it back to the UK.
But thanks guys for all your imput he helped me make the right decision
again and to question and requesrion.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland