Rear wheel carrier


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I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
After all this time and messing about i have decided to make my own.
I have bought a second hand import carrier to put on my UK model but had some problems with the brackets being damaged and also wanted to mount more stuff like jerry cans and hi-lift jack so the thinking began.

I was digging through the scrap bin at work (happen quite a lot ;) ) and came up with this bull bar that had been made to fit on a hilux by welding on extra bits of steel so the first job was to cut off all the mods and offer it up to see what needs doing.


After seeing what needs doing i offered up the import wheel carrier


Then the chopping begins :cool: I cut down all the parts and now will take it to work to weld up properly.


After all this is done i can work on the mounting system to the rear cross member and the lock to hold it in place
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