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Hi everyone.
Belated happy new year to everyone and congratulations to Julian. John B -
good to read that things might be starting to look up for you!
Sorry I've been away and quiet on here for so long - long story so I won't
bore you right now.
I'm seriously contemplating a complete rebuild / overhaul of me cruiser.
It's got a few niggling problems and rather than do them piecemeal or
(heaven forbid) ditch the cruiser for something else I'd rather spend some
money on the cruiser.
So I'm thinking of complete axle rebuilds including diffs, recon gearbox,
properly attend to any body rust (there's hardly any but a good looksee
wouldn't hurt), rewire, decent headlamps, new carpet, re-upholster, etc.....
Any thoughts on this?
Any recommendations where to send the cruiser for this? I don't want to
fiddle around with lots of places, just hand it over to one company that can
deal with it all.
What does the panel think?
Any recommendations?
Julian? ..... ????
PS, I'm out now till this evening.
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