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Rebuilding steering box but cannot get steering input UJ off the shaft...!

Can you post a picture of your broken shaft Lorin. I would be interested to see if the break was caused by inadequate manufacture or metal fatigue. I can tell by looking.

I thought the shaft was replaceable as it was listed separately on Toyodiy.

Here’s the broken shaft Frank...


It’s the steering input shaft which as far as I can see is not listed as a separate part on Toyodiy. The sector shaft shaft is replaceable but I don‘t think this one is. I’d be very happy to be wrong though as I need one!
Sorry! I thought it looked weird for an output shaft. If the break surface is crystalline all across it's faulty manufacture but if part of the surface is polished and then crystalline it's metal fatigue. Can't quite see but it looks like former to me. Thanks for the picture.
Well, it’s off. A combination of that cold spray and prising the UJ clamp apart eventually did the trick. Unfortunately it is not the win I had hoped for. The input shaft splines are so rusty that to reuse the shaft doesn’t seem sensible. I’ve cleaned it with a wire brush and the whole exposed end of the shaft is deeply pitted with corrosion.

View attachment 168877

Annoyingly, it doesn’t appear to be a replaceable part. So the saga continues....
personally, i would clean out the grooves and go again.