receiver hitch


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Apr 27, 2010
a query came up a while back and i had meant to post images of my receiver hitch setup.

i had intended to take some shots before assembly, but needless to say, i forgot. hopefully these might help someone else thinking about making it.

essentially i combined a land rover receiver hitch with a standard landcruiser plough type hitch. the landcruiser hitch lends itself pretty well to fitting a receiver hitch, so initially i thought about getting a receiver tube from northern tool in the usa. they are only about $20, but postage would have been a pain. i also looked into buying a complete receiver assembly from Iceland as a friend was emigrating and i could have shoved it in the box, but this was too expensive.

I have a safari equip receiver on my land rover and when one came up second hand for £50 (incl. drop plate), i jumped at it.

so i took one of these

measured it up against the landcruiser crossmember holes and altered it to fit. The lowest set of holes with bolts in lined up ok with the top set of holes in the landcruiser, so i welded up the big holes you can see and redrilled to make the bottom set of holes on the landcruiser. I then chopped the excess plate off the top.

I next chopped the side plates off the land rover tow bar and handed over the landcruiser towbar and the land rover towbar to a fabricator to combine.

for the price of some boxes of beer, they chopped the drop plate off the landcruiser bar, chopped the legs off the land rover bar and then welded the receiver tube into the middle of the landcruiser bar to create a landcruiser receiver hitch.

As the bar for the towbar now sat further back than it used to, i had to re drill the two pieces of angle which hold the towbar on to the chassis legs. These only bolted up with two bolts near the end of the chassis and were a tiny distance away from some threaded holes in the chassis which would have made them I really firm fixing. As they were not exactly complicated pieces of engineering, i bought some more angle of the same type, but longer and drilled it to pick up on these extra holes.

still got a nice big space for a storage box under there too

So that's about it really there were lots of things to break and get hung up on when i got the landcruiser, so i've now mostly (apart from the exhaust) moved them out of the way. Towbar is gone, tow socket is moved and the last thing was a safe place for the fog light. I picked up new, battered box PIAA led one on ebay, which was handy, i beleive they are stupidly expensive new.

Hope that is of some help to someone, it got rid of my plough and was relatively easy to accomplish even if i did outsource the main welding bit.