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[referring to previous posts re insurance - Chat]



My squabble over "off-road" use was with the NFU for goodness sake!
It only cropped up because I fitted an OME 50mm lift + Simex tyres and,
like a good boy I notified them. After countless phone calls arguing
over them wanting an engineers report on the suspension they decide to
accept them without one. Lo and behold, one week later a letter arrives
from said NFU asking me to confirm that the vehicle will not be used for
off road use. I said that it will only be used on vehicular rights of
way but they were having none of it! Tarmac roads only.
If the NFU won't insure me then who the hell will???


It's not something I've looked into, but there are large sections of adverts
inside some of the off road and LR mags, some with pictures of inverted
vehicles as a stern warning - perhaps they're worth chasing?
Someone must be insuring these vehicles?
Neill Watson
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