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[Renates desert heat seat]



My cruiser is staying WITH ME - I'm just after another to join my
'fleet' of beasts...
I knew you'd bite (!) actually, I do possess a little bit of sheep
that I use for a shoulder pad - reduces the chaffing in the heat of the
noon day sun...otherwise I get a shoulder which becomes too hot to
handle (and red raw!).
And yes, I'm still after a little more sheep - actually, I found a
mummified sheep (and a camel, and a mouflon - entire body, and a goat)
in both the Algerian and Libyan (Egyptian) Deserts, so I took the
liberty of relieving them of their pelt...well, they didn't want them
I'm after another white landcruiser, an 80, like the one I have
already, it doesn't have to be of the same year, of course, just white
so it can then be modified for the desert - I like modifying beasts yah
see...! (dependent on finances, obviously...)
And I'm after more bits of sheep...
Another thing - I've never been to Ireland - when are you free after
April for a visit from l'beast and I? I know I've said this before, but
I would like to say "Hi!" to you in the flesh, as it were.
Hi Renate
Are you saying you might be getting rid of your beautiful cruiser, and
before I forget, if you want to keep your bum cool in the desert you
could think of getting a sheep skin seat cover for your seat, I have
done a lot of searching of late with all my free time so I dont go
insane being at home so long. All the sites and sellers all say that the
sheep skin is cool in the summer and warm in the winter because of its
natural fibres, if you think about it it sounds true because its so
thick it keeps the the heat in while keeping the excess heat out much
like modern insulation in buildings. So get that nice soft cover and
keep your bum , legs and back happy.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HDJ 80 Ireland