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Replace the tailgate - how to ..

Gary Stockton

Super Moderator
Sep 10, 2012
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This is going to be a fun weekend project. I've sourced a tailgate from Iezura for my 120 so I can move the spare wheel out from underneath to go on the door instead, as the LC3 has. I managed to get the door complete for £250, and it's the right colour too :p so no painting costs involved, so hopefully this will be a simple switch-over project. I need to get a new number plate made up, and also need to buy a 12mm or so nylon kitchen chopping board to take my jig-saw to in order to make spacers for the spare wheel carrier, or else the bigger tyres will rub on the paintwork.

The door is still sitting on a pallet and all bubble-wrapped in my garage, so no idea on condition so far, but it should be OK - the photos looked OK :lol:

Does anyone have any 'gotchas' I need to be aware of? I think I'll need to get the trim off to reattach the wiring loom, which from what I can see on the FSM is common to both variants.

Hopefully, this will free up that whole underbody area fro me to find a second-hand fuel tank and filler system to bring in from Oz or SA so I can get the same 190 litres of fuel as the rest of the world. With the new suspension coming along soon, and the self-levelling feature of the LC5, the extra weight should be easily coped with - I hope ;)

Will post updates to this as I progress ....

Can I buy your under slung spare wheel parts ?

I want to mount a spare under neath, adn I am looking for the bits.
or even 'barter ' for them ?

I'm planning on keeping the bits, Graham - sorry. If my fuel tank plan doesn't work, I'll be able to carry a 2nd spare easily enough ...