Reverse Sensors


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Jul 21, 2010
South Africa
Morning all I hope you can help with this one.

As you may know I have a 03 4.2diesel Auto LC which came with what looks like factory fit reverse sensors.

The problem I am having is that when I engage reverse the sensors go mad and beep continuously whether I have something behind me or not.

When I test drove the car the owner said he had just had it washed and it must be water in the sensor but I have now decided that this is a lie.

The car has a factory fit tow bar by Toyota so assume that this is not the problem.

My best guess so far is that it can’t be the switch as the sensors are beeping so they must be working. It has to be either one of the sensors playing up which I plan to unplug systematically to work out it its one or the other and if both set it off then assume it might be the sensors or the box its self.

Any further help appreciated.


I am in kenya
Aug 23, 2010
South East
Mate, I have just got the new hilux, whenever it rains, even if there is adrop of water on the edge of the sensor, it beeps crazily.

On my LC 100, I have put the Rear ARB Bumper, the sensors are just dangling around in there somewhere, they beep like crazy too, as there is stuff all around them, so test with water first and second ensure nothing in the way of the sensor, even if the rubber grommet thingi is damaged, they will beep.

Good luck Pal.
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