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rise and fall of an 80

Brilliant Jon, car and fox must be sweet memories. My wife drove to Port Ban on the west coast one day and had to stop for a fox. She got out and the fella stayed around her, she tried to chase it away in fear of it being hit by cars but it just stayed close - beautiful!!
this one put in an appearance on several trips and hung around for quite a while each time and had bits of food off us
Nice pictures, but bad, that more dont exist this TLC 80...
There are lots of pictures here and there on the net but there are only so many pictures you can take of the same truck before it gets boring!
Excellent post John, I've read almost everything you've had to say on this forum since I joined and some older posts as well.

This thread puts them all nicely into perspective, thanks.

Sad to see her go, with most cars there's almost always something "better" but for strength, resistance simplicity and all round use, I'm not so sure the 80 can be beaten.

I love mine with a passion, no other car I've owned (and theres a lot of them) has had this effect on me, Although my use has not been as extreme as yours, we've had our moments to remember! I hope mine outlives me, that's my plan. So far so good.

Thanks for sharing John.
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just found this old thread
nice one John
great incentive to go out there and 'have a go...:)'

excellent pics

shows the amazing potential of the 80
now i undestand what all the fuss is about
This thread of Jon's and Chas' "hole-in-the-wall" episode were the two most compelling things that signed me up to this forum.

It's a great motivating story :clap:
Glad you enjoyed it - I enjoy being reminded of those times every now and again :)
Enjoyed reading Horror Story of Beautiful 80, Did all you ever wanted it to do, only for you to mutilate it for another newer thing*.