Rotating tyres?

Gary Mead

I am in uk
Mar 29, 2010
Royal Berkshire
I have recently had reason to have my cruiser up on axle stands for a while and was wondering if i should of swapped the tyres around they have been on for about 16 months or so,they all look even at the moment.
is it nsf to osr and osf to nsr??will this effect the balancing etc?

cheers Gary

Dave Docwra

Well-Known Member
Apr 24, 2010
Hi Gary, That is a good way to rotate the tyres, the wheels are balanced so you should have no problems in that direction.

Andy Harvey

Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2010
Cheltenham, UK
Rotating tyres is always one of those personal choice things, I used to do it until I realised that then I had to shell out for a full set all at the same time. What I tend to do now is to run the fronts to the point they need replacing and then get those replaced and put on the back and run the old ones on the front - they will then be the next ones that need replacing too. Also it means that the tyres get reasonably regularly balanced as they do go out of balance over time. When I get the fronts replaced I do tend to swap corner for corner so the OSR goes on the NSF and the NSR goes on the OSF but thats as far as I go now.
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