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roughtrax fan belts didn't fit

laszlo szucs

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Mar 10, 2020
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previous fan belts & ac belt was changed without my attention, i wasn't aware of any problems.
this time we had waterpump, timing belt changed too during a trip, before returning to UK....but when my mechanic told me better change fan belts too, we quickly looked up Roughtrax what size we need, and purchased quickly in a store in Hungary. those belts turned out to be wrong size, we just couldn't fit them.
so, we had old fan belts take off and then we were going by those measurements (printed on old belts) instead of what Roughtrax recommended.

please take a look of my pictures and tell me if you see any clue or something strange. my question is why my truck has different size fan belts, why roughtrax belts didn't fit??? thanks
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I could be wrong here completely but you are missing the belt routing diagram from the top of the air filter housing, so its possible you ordered the wrong belts


I also could be wrong, (mine being a 1kd motor - but the ancillaries are the same as far as I know) but there's two separate narrow toothed belts on yours, whereas any that I've seen have a single wide grooved belt like mine


I don't have aircon on my truck so I'm not sure if that makes any difference
no big deal, i just want to know if truck's previous owner did something funny, perhaps cut corners by replacing rubbish turkish manufactured parts ha ha

sizes from Roughtrax were shorter and wider.

Gates Alternator Fan Belts (Pair) - A13 X 1000mm​

Gates Air Conditioning Belt - A13x1175mm​

these are the correct sizes:


Screenshot_20210922-122303_Samsung Internet.jpg
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From my experience, the AC belt is the one people always complain about it doesn’t fit, a bit short and they can’t hook it onto the pulley even with the adjustment bolt to the minimum.

I fitted the shorter AC one by “positioning” the belt as much as I could on the pulley, not fully drop in as it’s short and tight, then turn the key briefly, not starting the car, the rotation of the pulley will drive the belt in place.

Not sure about the duo alternator belts, haven’t taken mine off before.
I don’t think the previous owner did anything wrong. The front of your 1KZTE looks just like mine - pulleys, alternator, idler etc. My 1999 truck doesn’t have a belt diagram either.

In my opinion, if you have to force the belt onto a pulley by turning the engine or by using a crowbar, then it’s the wrong belt for the application.

Roughtrax supply the AC belt recommended by Gates (who are a high quality manufacturer). Other owners have complained to Roughtrax about it as well (it’s the only thing I’ve complained to Roughtrax about actually - otherwise I think they are excellent), but many owners are happy with the AC belt they supply......??

The Gates belt has a slightly larger v-section than Toyota’s and so sits higher in the pulleys. I think that’s why a Gates belt needs to be slightly longer than Toyota.

I used a Gates 6478MC, as I said before, which fits perfectly. Or just buy Toyota, which I will probably do next time.
Perhaps the belt diagram is a 1KD thing.. like the single grooved belt. Apologies, I have little experience with the KZ motor. There seems to be some differences in how the water pump etc is driven
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