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Rules and Regulations

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Feb 24, 2010
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1. Search!
The search function (yep, it's up the top under the banner) is there for a reason. You can bet someone's asked already: what mileage you could expect out of a set of Dunlop Grandtreks / Rear camera installation / Fuel types etc, so why not search for 'Grandtrek' 'Rear Camera' ' Fuel types' ? (Hint, the more meaningless posts there are, the much harder your search and others will be in the future, and the more a post is quoted, the more the search results are diluted)..

** You may find that one of the mods may only post a quick "use the search button" reply, We don't mean to sound rude and certainly don't mean to offend you. But why should we do all the searching for you? Its not hard and please understand it gets awfully tedious doing it all the time!!

2. Does my thread topic belong here in this section?
Does the subject of your topic fit in this general section? Keep in mind what you want to talk about then go to our main forum display. Have a look and find the section that bests suits what you want to discuss / ask. This ensures people that are also interested in the topic will find it and you will have more luck with an answer!

3. Meaningful thread names.
Please don't start threads with overly simple titles like 'Should I' or 'Tyres' or any single word/basic title that doesn't let people know what the topic is exactly.

Instead, make your title specific like 'What tyres work well on the 150?' or "Suspension to suit 120 series LC4" as opposed to just calling it 'suspension'. See, it makes it easy for people to know exactly what the topic is.

To make the forum function better any topics, particularly in the tech sections, that don't have a meaningful thread name may be deleted with no notice given in an effort to make the forum easier for all to navigate.

4.Multiple posts.
It is also not good etiquette to place multiple posts on the same item. This will result in posts being deleted without warning.

5. Images/ Picture sizing:
Pictures or image links are to be no bigger than 800 pixels wide on the longest edge. Offending images will be removed for re-submission or turned into links. Larger than 800 pixels breaks the width of the page.

6. On/Off Topic posts.
Please try to keep threads ON TOPIC and not take them off topic with banter or meaningless rants, this is considered rude to the people that post these threads. Moderation may occur on such posts.

7. Swearing, etc.
Comments of a sexist, racist, defamatory, offensive or illegal nature may be moderated.

8. User location.
We want to know where your from!!!! It is a requirement that you please fill out your profile to show your general location.

It will help people to answer your posts. This is mainly a UK forum, but there is a large number of Overseas members and all are welcome. Not all Land Cruiser models were imported into the UK, so answers may not be easy to come by. Having your location makes it easier for the person reading your post to know what/where you are talking about.

9. Copyright.
Most documents pertaining to manuals/data/software etc are covered by a copyright.
We do not condone and will not tolerate links / postings / images or offers of "copied or burnt " items of copyrighted material as it is plainly and simply illegal! By posting a link/whatever as thus, YOU are liable for prosecution not the person that posted it wherever you got it from...
Threads of such a nature may be removed or moderated.

10. Technical bulletins.
Toyota occasionally issues technical bulletins for their dealers/service departments. These documents are legally bound by Toyota and may not be discussed or posted here without approval from the admin. Toyota has threatened legal action in the past so naturally this matter will not be tolerated. If you decide to go raving at your service manager about "the bulletin blah blah" you will be on your own as backup will not be offered from this forum.. This matter is non-negotiable!~

11. Flaming / Personal attacks.
No flaming or abusing other members or Moderation/Admin staff. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself. Troll posts will possibly be moderated, if you want to deliberately troll and bait people your stay will be short.

12. Offensive items.
No offensive images are to be posted , this includes avatars , signature pictures/ wording and attachments. Moderators can and will remove any images at their discretion which they deem to be offensive. Continued posting of images deemed to be offensive will result in the user losing their access to post.

13. Moderation.
LCCUK and its admins/ mods reserve the right to edit posts and / or threads, although in our opinion any posted comments are the responsibility and opinion of the poster, and they take full responsibility for its wording and opinion. We will at our discretion remove posts that are possibly libelous , scandalous or slanderous or plain and simply trolls. The administrators / moderators of LCCUK forums will not be held responsible for the content of any message posted by any party on the forum.

14. Membership.
Membership of the forums is not a right it is a privilege granted by the Administrators of the forum. The Administrators of the forum reserve the right to revoke membership to LCCUK Forum at anytime without notice.

15. Technical Disclaimer.
By using LCCUK Forum you are agreeing that under no circumstances will the Administrators or Moderators be responsible for:
(1) any information contained on or omitted from the site(s)
(2) any person's reliance on any such information, whether or not the information is correct, current or complete
(3) the consequences of any action you or any other person takes or fails to take, whether or not based on information provided by or as a result of the use of the sites.

16. Avatars
Due to the fact that some users may be on slow internet connections (Dial up, Sat or Wireless), it is only fair to all users if we set a limit on Avatar sizes. Any users avatar must be no larger than 250Kb (kilobyte) in size. Animated, video or whatever. This will ensure less bandwidth on the servers and also a speedier page loading for everyone. At the end of the day, LCCUK bandwidth is paid for by one person, bigger avatars means more bandwidth on every page loading, more bandwidth means more £££.

Avatars are to be no larger than 90 x 90 pixels.

17. Advertising in signatures
Any commercial advertisements displayed within the signatures of members shall be removed without notice and repeats of displaying advertisements within signatures shall result in official warnings.

edit - 17/03/2010: Changed avatar dimensions from 100x100 to 90x90
edit - 28/05/2010: Changed "Advertising in signatures" and removed "adverts allowed by admins"
Can you confirm the Avatar size please

Is it Avatars are to be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels and no larger than 250Kb


90 x 90 and 8kb?

Hi Matt,

sorry, it should be 90x90. The system was set to that limit but in the rush of things, the dimensions were overlooked in the text.

As for the file size, there is no system limit as the files are externally hosted. i.e. you cannot upload an avatar but have to link to one from an image hosting site. Two options are, thanks to Andy or
Obviously compressed images are preferred by folk on slower connections.

If you need any help in getting the avatar to work, have a look in the FAQ section or post a new message.
Thanks - 90x90 was the default in the forum so we just left it at that :geek:
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