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running on Biodeisel



Thanks Reno,
Was the 40% figure a rough guess, or was this recommended to you?
Also, do you buy the Colza from a supermarket or from a Biodeisel
reseller etc? (I'm guessing that not all veggie oils are created
equal in quality and purity)
Kind regards,
On 5 Jun 2006, at 09:36, Reno Lamb wrote:
> Veggie oil fuel: I run up to about 40% Colza (aka Canola or
> Rapeseed) SVO during warm months. During winter I taper that down
> to only 10%. But my HDJ80 parks in a heated garage, right next to
> my wood furnace. If I parked outside I would run no SVO during
> late fall, winter, early spring. I ran a Mercedes 300TD (0M603
> motor) on up to 100% SVO Colza in summer and encountered no
> problems except lumpy starts on brisk mornings.
> Ceferino "Reno" Lamb