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Mar 15, 2010
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The Babelfish translation of the text came out as this;
Buying extra-road builder, people set for themselves as a completely different goals. Someone loves simply to go for a drive on its jeep not far from the out-of-town section and completely by this it is contented. Another will embark on the path of infinite [tyuninga] of its automobile in order to be isolated among others. But there is another group of enthusiasts, to which I belong: we sit down ourselves for the control of extra-road builder in order to wave into the distant journey in search of the new adventures. “Green -[Lening]” is splendid (Green-Lanning - totality of out-of-town dirt roads in Great Britain; the same in a word owners “[Lend] Of [roverov]” call journeys along these paths, their loved by hobby). By especially Saturday evening, with the barbecue and the boiling pot in the rear flap of my old “[Rendzha]”. But already on Sunday in the evening I wander along the network, I examine those places, where I would want to fall, and catching itself on thought, that immediately there he was torn away, there only money, time and common sense. But who examined the photographs of the sites, dedicated to [offroud]- adventures, it must possess strong-willed nature. Each gallery exerts straight-away hypnotic influence, making it necessary to return to it again and again in order again to look at these photos… And I note at one excellent moment that the cursor of my mouse steams on the page of the armoring of the site Of world of 4x4 Of adventures and… And here after only the pair of months we is cost in the staggering natural preserve of Croatia, conversing with those, with whom recently they met, as if old friends. I was there with my friend of Sharon, in my accurate Of range Of rover Of classic and with my good friend Neil in 90 “To [defe]”. Company to us composed [Ches] (this its third trip to Croatia) it by enormous, covered with wounds in combat “[Lend] By [kruzerom]”, and also Greg and [Khizer] on the likable and that well prepared Of suzuki Of jimny
The route of the first day proved to be short, but at the same time to fairly complicated in order to help us to forget all these dull kilometers of the superhighways through entire Europe. Unfortunately, many old routes were pulled on the territory of national natural park. But more easily from this it does not become. Robb [Prichard] - organizer of this journey, very calm person, remains completely imperturbable, although never it was in these places. We must not worry, indeed by its friend proved to be [Boyan] Of [mamuzik], the triple champion of Croatia of [offroudu]: he conquered 28 times in the national competitions. And, of course, the route, for which it us took - it is simple dream for the amateurs “Green -[leninga]”… The covered with dense forest mountains lie not far from Zagreb. The been overgrown and boggy paths, massive slopes and to the equal degree steep descents from one side force to preserve limiting concentration, and with another - they give the not bad possibility to make outstanding photos. Light shower turned clay ravine into the trap. It was necessary to be turned havoc back, but this was also complex as [lebeditsya] forward. Specifically, at that moment when we were selected from the ravine and the forest into the nearest populated area, thundered the thunder
] gushed out the strongest shower. It is worthwhile to recall that we arrived here not in order to be trained before Rainforest Of challenge. About this we reflected in the safe place, which could pretend to the title of the best pizzeria in the world. Perhaps, present day was the best day from my [offroudnoy] life.
The following days were sufficiently light. On the improbably picturesque routes with the ancient scaffolding were opened the wonderful prospects for forgotten villages, time in which as if dwelled on long years. But then stopped Suzuki… Both longitudinal levers of rear axle were broken, and rear axle practically was detached away from the frame. Greg immediately turned pale: he did not clearly expect this terrible failure. It seemed his leave is finished… But everything unexpectedly was permitted. All harmoniously were joined and began to remove the broken components from the machine. Then Robb, after taking the broken and bent levers, went into the adjacent village. There it [posprashival] (on the Croatian, and indeed it Englishman!) the inhabitants, where it is possible such [shtukoviny] to reach. After which it strayed across [saraychik] on the adjacent street and found almost all necessary spare parts! I was struck, as for it succeeded so easy all this to find! But Robb only shook by arms and answered, that any good guide would make the same

After three hours everything was tightened conversely to “[Suzuki]”, only new rear cardan shaft was not sufficient - old remained on the spot and it was badly damaged. Group was assembled together and it solved complex problem. It is necessary to acknowledge, the solution of this problem became the part of one large adventure for me. Robb told us that the route is flexible, and therefore we could without hurrying to breakfast, but to late in the evening leisurely accept souls. The day before it developed new way, cutting from it all insignificant and uninteresting sections. For us it was in prospect to pass old route by the name “waterfall”… In “[Suzuki]” remained only front drive, and with the winch of the Nile there were problems. Before overcoming this route, was necessary thorough to think. All the more, on our way were found five or six thrown-down trees. In order to pass, majority of them was sufficiently simple to tow away, but one tree was properly imposing sizes.
We sawed it as much, as they could, then Neil tied rope as close as possible to the place of the shear of stem in order “by Defender” to drag away him further. Under the loud crack and the universal rejoicing Neil finally succeeds in breaking stem in half and moving aside it. But place in order here to pass, it was still too little. Further the matter enters [Ches]: after passing the rope of the winch through other trees, it and its “[Toyota]” begin to rapidly correct situation. Tree slowly fell, freeing to us road, and it was in this something magic. We everyone worked as present command, although were encountered a total of several days ago. That zh, in this time we did not reach the waterfall, but since route was laid in the form eight, we to it still will return. Time was moreover freed, in order in the hotel to take pleasure by the soup from the wild venison, which proved to be simply exquisite!
There are several places in Croatia, where you cannot be occupied by [off]-[roudom], and to that there are important reasons… Our route penetrated the front line of very severe fighting for independence, which was conducted comparatively recently (at the beginning the 90's). Then many people left the environments Of [gospicha] and did not return. Tens of destroyed houses stand next to the road, until now. I felt itself very dirtily, scrutinizing as typical tourist, these ruins. To the present day I never was so it was close to the horrors of war, and in reality this was very cognitive - one of the brightest events of our trip. We approached a sea. Old Roman road departed far to the mountains, and everything seemed some improbable. The staggering view of the barren valley was opened before us: because of a constant high sea wind, well-known as Bohr, from the west side in no way grow the trees. But with the view at sea, downward, us surrounded the long chain of twisting mountains, [perenosya] us into entirely another, unknown peace.

Around us - countless apexes. We decided to die near the restored ancient-Roman temple. This monument of history kept balance with three wars: in 1850, with the Second World War and after the recent conflict of the middle of the ninetieth. We were in the center of this history. To us it seemed strange: as this beautiful country it became the victim of such bloody violence… But all negative thoughts about human nature were scattered by the evening of the same day because of [Chesu]: it entertained entire group on the likable coastal terrace by dinner. Evenings as this, probably and make people with friends for life One of the most memory moments in Croatia for me of steel the hypnotic sounds of surprising sea organ in [Zadare]. The howling tones quieted thoughts about the war before we left for even the more uninhabited island Of [pag]. But after it we were directed toward the highest mountain of Croatia, where small hotel was located. After being placed, all began to examine extraordinary beauty view. Robes it reached map and it began to show to us the islands, at which we looked, and where it had to leave tomorrow. But sunset so seizes spirit, that even owner of hotel was joined to us in order to also photograph wonderful form. Gradually evening sky darkened and was covered with numerous stars, and the infinite massif of the Milky Way directly spilled above us. This night was more clear than in the trip through the desert the Sahara 5 years ago. It is not forgotten
But everything was still in front. Now already no one doubted Robb's abilities to find the best route. Stones, after being built into the long line, designated to us way in the high grass. On one side from us appeared the mountains, on another - the being descended to the sea earth. We continued to go on the grass, it smelled from which it was simply improbable: thyme, rosemary and sage… We cannot be held and stop, then Robb boils for all us tea beverage from the wild sage. And here we look downward at the islands, which saw on the map. Honestly speaking, i simply do not have words in order to describe my impressions, indeed I engineer, but not poet… But it in reality seems me that I was in “extra-road” sleep. This is improbable!
Then we returned to the famous waterfall, which they passed earlier. There they encountered the unexpected difficulties. Sullen forester was inflexible: he did not release us further, since the scaffolding were closed in connection with the lumber activity. And again Robb to the perfection made his work - he explained to forester, where we will go, and showed permission from the very important people in the region. And after only the pair of minutes, smiling, we passed by. It is above and above, in the agitated silence we left to the small clearing, where Robb noted small path among the trees, then after ascertaining that all were ready to continue way, it moved further, indeed back there was no way… Wheels grind cliffs, everywhere lie the broken branches of trees, called to help extra-road builder to be selected from the ambushes, deep ravines intercept… and this all not so badly.
But here we reached the slope and understood, why Robb calls this place waterfall. No, break this cannot be named. Hardly noticeable aqueous flow covers entire slope with its enormous stones and flows downward, to the bottom. But at some moment you begin to feel yourself simple with hanging in the salon of extra-road builder, trying to be held on the seat and after being engaged by hands to the control. We passed half of slope and dipped into the largest cavity on entire descent, but here way barred the stone of decent sizes, with the weight of the order of two tons. Five men cannot move it on in. With the aid of the [khay]- jacks we gradually began to shift it, until they finally free sufficient room for the passage. In front was seen the large tree, which lies across the descent. But, remembering the experience of previous days, we looked at this obstacle with the smile. And in vain, t to tree presented unpleasant surprise. Its roots persistently were held for the perpendicular slope, without desiring to weaken its grasp. Winch did not help - by it power was not sufficient. Then we tied tree [k] “[Lend] To [roveru]”, and that, in turn, had to thoroughly drive away and pull off obstinate plant.
Finally, “Defender” proved to be more strongly, and we went further. Although there were then the thrown-down trees, fortunately they grew from the other side of ravine. In these cases we used another technology: Robb scrambled to the mountain, he raised by rack jack the top of tree, and we all quietly passed under it. We were completely tormented, when they were selected to the hill with the view of the valley: 1,2 km for seven and one-half of hours! At long last! But as there, at the apex of waterfall, will ask you? It must acknowledge, I actually do not know… And in reality, I am not confident, that sometimes there I will fall. During the subsequent days extra-road routes were reduced, so that we could in more detail become acquainted with the culture Of [istrii]. We decided to visit millennial village, to descend to the place, where local wine was produced and spilled, they expiated in the hot sources and tried ice cream in the staggering town, located on the apex of hill. In conclusion day our command they stopped in the tiniest city of peace with two small by-streets. We settled in the medieval castle, from balcony of which was opened wonderful view of village and distant mountains. Best and cannot be wished! It is simply excellent!


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Feb 24, 2010
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:clap: Showing the club sticker as well :D


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Sep 8, 2010
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Nice one bud. looked like a fun outing :thumbup:
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