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Rust on rear tailgate


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Jan 15, 2022
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Hello, I have just recently purchased a 100 series, really happy with it. So far i have it in a shop getting the chassis worked over. Was glad to hear no welding needed so i am just getting it stripped back, rust treated and painted then sealed.
Once i know the chassis is all good then its onto the paintwork.
It is in pretty good condition apart from some slight rust that seems to be starting along the bottom rubber seal on the tailgate upper window.
I am just wondering if anyone else has had this and the best way to go about dealing with it before its to late.
I have been trying to see if i could source a new window seal incase it does need to come out, but it may be a dealer only option.
Can this be solved with the window in place and how effective is this repair.
I will try to add a picture.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.



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Looking at the picture the rust looks pretty much the same equal distance on both sides so wonder if it hade a rusty roof rack on and the water drained down leaving rust stains so best bet would give it a good t cut or is the paint work actually bubbling
Thank you for reply steve, I can confirm it is bubbling on the paintwork, there is the bit on upper tailgate and a bit around the key lock on lower.
Hoping it’s not to far gone and can be repaired.
I was thinking of new panel option but these do not seem easy to come by.
Had something similar on our 80 series - once ground back it went into holes in a couple of places. A local body shop welded in fresh metal and then skimmed it, then refit with a new window seal.
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Chapelgate gets 100s in occasionally might be worth giving him a PM
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Managed to get a couple of better pics, i am thinking new panel might be a safer bet, only just got the 100 and I'm planning ok keeping for a long time.


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Stod, out of experience I'd say get the window out and then assess. It will a lot worse under the rubber than you can see. Like Dave_S I refurbed an 80 tailgate which looked like that myself, prepped it and had a local bodyshop match and spray and 10 years later its still perfect. Obviously a same colour mint tailgate would be the answer but last I heard a breaker was asking £800 for a solid tailgate. You could always try Japspares in Sheffield, they seem to get a few 100's in for breaking.
Like Andy CGL above I had something similar on my 80. Definitely window out and was worse underneath. on the plus side that was done about 4 years ago and still looks like new. So if you get someone to do a good job it is very effective and certainly less than buying a replacement tailgate, which probably needs work too.
Thank you I will look into this, I’m home in next week so will be able to assess fully and drive around a few places see what they say.
Glad to hear it’s still all good on repair you had done.
I bough as a spare I also bought a new tailgate from Toyota they were selling off £300 so kept as a spare.