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Salisbury Plains Advice Please

Jun 10, 2010
Hi all,

I need some help please.
Some of you may know already but for those that don't I am one of the worst things in the universe....


Anyway. One of the brands I do is Skoda and we sponsor a Skoda forum called and I was thinking of doing a day down in Salisbury Plains with the Skoda Yeti. Because of the nature of the Yeti it will only need to be very light offroad driving, gravel track and few ruts, shallow mud, a few water splashes and some smooth but steep climbs and descents as the Yeti obviously isn't in the Landcruiser/Patrol category.

My question is, can someone help me with a route which will last a good part of the day but isn't too difficult in terms of people getting stuck constantly although it would be useful I think for them to get stuck once or so to understand the limits of the four wheel drive system. I'll be going in the Landcruiser rather than a Yeti demonstrator as I think the LC would be more qualified to pull a Yeti out than other Yeti getting itself stuck trying to do the same job.

Could anyone advise or does anyone have any GPS co-ordinates I could enter into TomTom and follow?
Would be going in November or December time so the weather most likely will be poor.
For the most part, pretty much all of the area would be ok. Tank track aside (it's not legal for public to be there), there are some sections that would want to avoid but most of the area would be ok.

Sorry - don't have any GPS logs (lost when last pc died). Maybe Tommo or Les have - they frequent it a bit more.

That time of year though, a trip before hand though as a recon. Part's I've driven when it was dry in June, swallowed up an 80 in winter with all the mud.
HI James,

Have a lot of routes through the plain, but nothing that would work on TomTom, would be interested in coming for a day out though- happy to lead!


Go to the Bustard Inn Car Park.
The track directly north will be good and then after a couple of miles it meets a "T" junction of a similar quality road, might not take all day but is quite gentle and has a pub with toilets and food.
I think I've been to the Bustard Inn entrance before.

Tommo - I was thinking of going in November on a Sunday. Depending on how many Yetis want to go it would be very useful to have another Landcruiser with someone very experienced with the Plains. If your free it would be great if you could make it down.
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Can I come and play too?????

Watch out James, all your customers might go out and buy a proper car instead ;)
We could start a challenge: 10 points for every 4x4 rescued by an LC ;)
Haha, they all know the Yeti isn't a dedicated 4x4 as such. It's a road car with some decent ground clearance and a four wheel drive system.

I don't want them getting stuck too often as it needs to somewhat impress them what their cars can do, bearing in mind they all will be totally new to offroading.

I remember when I took my first four wheel drive offroad. My Nissan Patrol was amazing it would drive over woodland tracks and gravel hills. I go down the lanes now that used to excite me 4 years ago and now I wouldn't blink an eye nowadays.

Out of the 4x4s I've had the Landcruiser is the one that is most capable and I've most enjoyed. The Grand Cherokee being a close second purely because of how comfortable it was on a 6,400 mile roadtrip.
I need someone experienced with the plains to help me with a route for next Sunday please!
If you could come with me that would be great.

Starting at Bustard car park at 0930 for a 1000 start. Will know how many Skoda Yetis there will be in a few days, I expect 4/5 minimum maybe more.
Done! I'll get up there this week and recce a route and tell range wardens where we will be etc.
I'll be up for it too if you need a hand.
If you need some assistance with customers, driving, training, route advice type thing, I do this type of work for a living for most of the manufacturers & I'm just on the edge of Salisbury plain too so can't be far away.

I'm quite liking the Yeti btw, was having a poke round one the other week whilst doing some in dealer training at a combined Mazda/Skoda dealership, cool wee cars they are :)
Thanks guys!
I want to do the event on the 31st October. Starting early 0930 for a 1000 start.

Tommo is sorting out the route for me.

Ideally I think I'd like 3-5 Landcruisers to go on the route as I think there will be between 5-8 Yetis there.

3rd LC
4th LC
5th LC

Anyone free to take up the extra spaces please?
Cptsideways? (Glad you like the Yeti by the way, I really like them!)

I should know exactly how many Yetis will be coming in the next few days.
James, I would like to come along, how long do you think you would be out for?
Yep, i'll be there, could even bring the gazebo along but will have cooker etc :thumbup:

Will we need flashing lights? :dance: